New vs used containers for building offices

When building your own custom container office with Bob’s Containers, you have the option to choose from either a new container or a used container. The biggest differences for each type are price and cosmetics. In this blog post, we will explain each type and why price and cosmetics are different.

Let’s start with “new” containers. Our new container offices are built with “one-trippers,” meaning they are manufactured overseas, shipped to the United States, and get unloaded. They are the closest to brand new containers and are in excellent shape. This is why on our website you will see higher prices for containers “built with new container.”

And now let’s dive into “used” containers at Bob’s Containers. When we build container offices or homes with used containers, we ALWAYS use cargo worthy grade containers. This grade is also what we sell to our customers who simply want storage containers. With cargo worthy grade containers, there are obviously some normal wears and tears, dings and dents. However, besides the cosmetics there is not much to worry about as they have: no holes, floors that are in good shape, working cargo doors, and are wind and watertight. They have been inspected and deemed worthy of being re-used for overseas shipment. In addition, even though the floors are in good shape, we coat the floors of used containers with epoxy paint, giving it a nicer appearance.

So, there you have it. If you want a brand new look with no dings and dents and are willing to pay a premium for it, a new container is the way to go! If you are wanting a less expensive, but still a solid option, our used, cargo worthy grade containers would be your best bet! We hope this post has answered some questions you had before and can be used the next time you are trying to make a decision about which container to use for YOUR dream container office!

new 20 foot container

New 20' container before fabrication

20 foot container office built with new container

20' container office built with a new container

used 20 foot shipping container

Used 20' cargo worthy grade container

20 foot container office built with used container

20' container office built with a used container

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