The Container Customization Process

Making the choice to look at shipping container homes is the first step toward a new and unique way of building and living in a new home.

With bountiful customization options, permitting and planning, and land preparation all playing a factor in development, we put together a quick guide outlining what to expect.

Quoting & Invoicing

Once we have a good grasp of the needs for the project, we will create a custom quote related to the services we expect to provide. Whether you are getting one of our DIY kits, a prebuilt, or on-site built, you will receive a quote in this manner. This quote is non-binding and opens the door for you and your container specialist to fine-tune the order. In this phase, we finalize expectations and exact specifications to ensure you are fully comfortable with what you will be receiving on delivery day. Once your quote is optimized accordingly, we will send you your invoice. We have options available to pay in full or finance your shipping container with monthly installments. Each build requires a portion down to kick off the project, typically 50%, determined by your project individually.

Preparation for Your New Container

Preparing to receive your container is pivotal to a successful drop-off. We will advise you through the whole process. Preparing your land includes understanding access points, leveling the ground, clearing any overhanging limbs, and more depending on your case. We use slide-off trailers, so maneuverability is a little less challenging than something requiring a crane for delivery. As with preparation, we will help you to understand the places our trucks can get into and out of well. This eliminates almost all possibility of catastrophe on delivery day.