Queer Eye Container Home

We were fortunate enough to be contacted by the hit Netflix television series Queer Eye for the Straight Guy when they came to film in Austin, TX. Our Joshua model was designed and created exclusively for the show and has since become one of our most popular units.

How it Started

Josh lived in a shipping container home placed in a barn. While it was certainly a place to lay his head, he was lacking the charm and functionality of a true home. A cowboy through and through, Josh was a bit more rough around the edges, showering a couple of times a week, greasy hair, and lacking a knack for making himself not only look good, but feel good too. His ex-girlfriend turned business partner, Kayla, nominated him for the show. Her point was that Josh was afraid to take the time to do things for himself. Here at Bob’s we also see the value in putting others before yourself just like Josh did, but there always comes a time where you have to look out for what is best for you. A main focus of the episode was learning to love yourself, which can lead to developing the type of life you would really like to live, surrounded by the people who can help you fulfill your dreams. We are so appreciative and fortunate to be able to provide our services for Josh and Ranger Cattle.

Josh's Previous Container Home

The Container Build

To turn a used container into a Queer Eye container home, we took a 40 foot shipping container and collaborated with the queer eye team to really bring the space to life. The finer details were the focus of this build and we loved learning some of the more advanced elements of interior and exterior design from one of the best teams in the world. The living area featured a hand painted picture from one of the team members, a focus on creating a space to entertain, or “netflix and chill”, a custom family crest to be handed down for generations, and an outdoor cooking space. A spacious bathroom, with ample area to take some time to make Josh feel and look the very best, separated the comfortable bedroom featuring two large windows and a sliding glass door from the rest of the home. The outside of the unit was finished with a black eggshell finish with the intention of letting the finer features like the crest and custom outdoor cooking space be the focus of attention.

Presentation and Delivery

One of our favorite parts of our entire process is presenting the unit to our customers. While you are certainly able to drop by and see the status of your build, there is nothing like seeing it in the space you always envisioned and Josh’s Queer Eye container home build took that to a whole new level, as they usually do. We delivered the unit with help from the team and they worked through the finer interior and exterior details noted above as well as outdoor landscaping to make the space feel even more like home. Moving from a container placed in a barn to a standalone unit under some trees was an excellent upgrade and we were so excited to see Josh’s reaction. If you’ve watched the episode, you will know Josh was utterly speechless and wanted to give the Queer Eye team hugs as thanks. There are many perceptions of what a container home will look and feel like when browsing pictures on the internet and other areas, but this perception always changes when you set foot in one. Josh then hosted Kayla with a steak dinner and even made vegetables for dinner! She was so wowed with the build and happy for the new life she envisioned for him from start to finish.


Queer Eye Container Home Layout

Bringing Container Dreams to Life

Piecing the elements together from above exemplifies the type of service we do our best to provide at Bob’s. It can be hard to look hard at buying a home. People get overwhelmed with all that is available, the money it will cost, and many more factors. Josh was in the same boat. We tend to get stuck in ruts and accept the things taking place as our lifestyles. Many people are stuck in the rut of renting a living space, settling for a less than desirable home that someone else has put their finer details into. Here at Bob’s we want you to live your best life and strive to continue putting the best version of ourselves and our work forward. Life isn’t always easy, but having a comfortable and functional place to stay can eliminate a large chunk of those hardships. We build the home of your dreams at a fraction of the cost of a traditional home and the best part is, YOU are the builder! Contact us today to start the discussion on bringing your container home to life.

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