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At Bob’s Containers, we empower people to live better by building turnkey, eco-friendly, and flexible shipping container solutions.

We are committed to driving positive change by manufacturing residential and commercial containers that encourage sustainable living, reduce environmental impact, and make quality housing and investment opportunities more accessible.

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We offer expert solutions in customizable, ready to ship, or DIY Kits for container homes, multi-container modules, container offices, and commercial/industrial container solutions.


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Featured Build

The Porter

The Porter, currently living as an Airbnb in Johnson City, is our favorite container home project to date. We took the customer’s dream and made it come to life with luxurious add-ons, pristine location, and an expansive feel.

Much like our first luxury model The Joshua, this container features a wealth of upgrades that do not come with our base models. The Porter’s upgrades include:

  • Rooftop Cowboy Tub
  • Custom Wood and Glass Garage Door
  • Tile Shower
  • Custom Cabinetry
  • Outdoor Spiral Staircase

We have put together a blog working through the entire build from design to delivery so you can see the thoughtful effort that goes into a luxury project like this one.

View the model by following the link below.

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Why shipping containers?

Shipping containers are nothing new. Since commerce has made its way across our oceans, shipping containers have become a solid source of security for transporting goods. These containers are built to withstand many days on the high seas so you know they will withstand the weather thrown toward your property.

With many goods being transported via shipping containers every day, they need to have somewhere to go once they have served their purpose. Many end up sitting in large container yards at various ports for years. Turning these unused containers into homes and other spaces helps the environment and is a unique way to combat the rising costs of homes across the world.

Designed for Rentals

These units are designed to make the process to rent an AirBnB or other rental as seamless as possible.

Quick to Construct

The build time for these units is a fraction of the time it would take to build a traditional structure.

Concurrent Project Management

By preparing the land while we carry out the construction, you can significantly reduce the project timeline.

Sustainable & Eco-Friendly

Recycling containers that may not have much life past their initial use helps the environment.

Fully Customizable

Each of our models features customization options in interior finishes, rooftop decks, and more.

We Ship Nationwide

While we are headquartered in Texas, we provide container customization services to the entire US.

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