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Are you considering a custom container project but are unsure of where to start?


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Bob's Containers Feasibility Study

Are you considering a custom container project but are unsure of where to start? Our team is here to help you make the process a no-brainer for you from start to finish. Our feasibility study is a process where we explore the land, permitting needs, and general plan for the location you would like to place the unit(s) to determine the effectiveness of one or more of our container builds.

Permitting Feasibility Study

  • Our in-house permitting team will assess how or if we can place a container home on your property
  • Up to 4 hours of time
  • Non-Refundable

Verify the use is generally permitted

In some cities and counties, the use of containers is prohibited. In others, ADUs are not allowed whereas in places like California, the addition of an ADU is now a right regardless of City or HOA restrictions. The first step in this process is to verify that the proposed site permits the use generally.

Verify the specific site

This includes confirming the property zoning and overlays such as use restrictions or historic designations. This may be done online or require speaking directly with the city, county, or other regulatory agency with jurisdiction over the use of the property.

Document requirements (if any) of the proposed build

In some areas, ADUs are permitted so long as you provide things like separately metered utilities, off-street parking, the preservation of trees, or ADA-compliant access. During this part of the process, we document these conditions.

Confirm the physical site constraints will allow the practical installation of the unit

Even where the use is permitted and the site allows the intended structure physical impediments can still occur. The final phase of feasibility involves searching for these obstacles. These verifications can include that the proposed unit can be placed within the constructible area of the property without encroaching into setbacks. That the unit will not increase the lot coverage beyond the parameters approved. That the slope of the lot will permit placement and that the construction of the unit will not require the destruction of protected property like trees.


While we guarantee to follow established best practices to verify the existence of these or any other publicly available barriers to development the performance of this study does not guarantee an outcome. Building and Zoning codes are changed and updated and ultimately the approval of every build is contingent upon the approval of an actual permit applied for and pursued to its conclusion.

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