"The Olive" Model

Two 40 ft Container Homes
Starting at $155,074

The Olive is our first shipping container duplex build. While you can technically put any two (or more) of our containers together, this model is designed with the duplex idea in mind. Each unit is a mirror image of the other, creating a natural flow and separation between the two units.

Customize this Container

  • Exterior Cabin Cladding

    Add cabin cladding to both container's exterior.

    • 0 $

    Rooftop Deck

    Add a rooftop deck to both containers.

    • 0 $

    Interior Walls & Ceiling

    Upgrade the interior of your containers.

    • 0 $

    Faux Ceiling Beams

    Add faux ceiling beams to both containers.

    • 0 $
Number of Units

"The Olive" Floorplan

Shipping Container Duplex Features & Specs

Built for Rentals & Comfortable Living

Shipping Container Duplexes are perfect candidates for ADUs, vacation rentals, and more.

Quick to Build

Lead times average 3-6 weeks and build times for 40 ft containers are only 3-4 weeks.

Customization Options

Each of our models features a wealth of customization options to fit whatever specific needs you may have.