"The Casey" Model

Multi-unit Container Home
Starting at $217,583

“The Casey” is our biggest standard model to date. Enjoy the increased square footage as well as a 40 ft rooftop deck. If you are interested in customizing this model, request a quote below.

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Number of Units

"The Casey" Floorplan - Floor 1

"The Casey" Floorplan - Floor 2

"The Casey" Multi-unit Container Features & Specs

Built for Rentals & Comfortable Living

Shipping Container homes are perfect candidates for ADUs, vacation rentals, and more. This multi-unit build increases the square footage for your guests.

Customization Options

Each of our models features a wealth of customization options to fit whatever specific needs you may have.

Quickly Built and Delivered

While our multi-unit builds do take longer than our single units, we can still have this unit delivered in a fraction of the time of a traditional stick and frame build.