"The Abilene" Model

20 ft Container Home
Starting at $45,357

The Abilene model is one of our most popular 20 ft units. This basic build has the door in the center of the unit, a three-quarter bath, and an open area for you to build the space as you see fit.

Customize this Container

  • Shower Upgrade

    Upgrade your shower

    • 0 $

    Party Deck

    Add rooftop views to your container home

    • 0 $

    Exterior Cabin Cladding

    Upgrade the exterior of your container home to cabin cladding.

    • 0 $

    Interior Walls & Ceiling

    Add interior finish options to your container home.

    • 0 $

    Faux Ceiling Beams

    Add 2 Faux Ceiling Beams to Your Container Home

    • 0 $

    Cargo Door Upgrade

    Upgrade the entrance area behind your cargo doors

    • 0 $

    Lighting Upgrade

    Upgrade the lighting in your container home

    • 0 $
Number of Units

"The Abilene" Floorplan

Container Home Features & Specs

Small & Efficient

The Abilene is a ton of home packed into a small package. If you have limited space, this is perfect for you.

Easily Shipped and Moved

Our 20 ft models are the easiest to deliver and move should you decide to place the unit in a different location.

Built for Comfortable Living

This unit is built with comfort in mind, as all of our units are. Even though the space is limited, the possibilities are endless.