Container Homes

Do you want to generate some extra income with an Airbnb or vacation rental? Do you need a fast, lower cost additional dwelling unit (ADU) on your property? Are you looking to escape the 15-30 year mortgage plan and simplify your lifestyle?

Container homes are excellent solutions for all of the above and much more. They provide a unique living experience whether you will be renting the unit out to folks, or living in the container(s) yourself

We are flexible. Any of our designs can be mixed and matched, modified, and upgraded. Each unit is also plug and play ready with each build being suited for RV hookups, off-grid capability, and more. Be sure to mention any of these capabilities you would like implemented on your build.

The Process

  1. Find the container model(s) you like.
  2. Buy online or request a quote to start the sales process.
  3. If you have deeper customization requests, call us or fill out the contact form.
  4. Finalize your container with customization options, paint color, and more.
  5. Work with our team to schedule a delivery time.
  6. Prepare your land to receive your container.
  7. Outfit the container to your liking.

It’s a no brainer…. choose Bob’s Containers.

Our Container Homes

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