Mobile Crypto Mining Container

Our mobile crypto mining containers are built with efficiency and production in mind with you as the architect. From large scale, multi-container operations to a small container to house a few miners, we have solutions for your needs.

Our Mining Container Builds

A mobile crypto mining shipping container is an excellent solution for your crypto mining setup, no matter the size. We have custom built solutions to all kinds of needs and look forward to building yours next. Our team continues to optimize and develop our mobile crypto mining container builds and each one presents its own set of goals for us to hit. Give us a call or schedule a meeting today to discuss your potential crypto mining project and we will work together to determine the cost efficiency of a shipping container crypto mining setup.

Who We Have worked With

Crypto Mining Containerized

Bob’s Containers specializes in containerizing solutions for all types of industry. We love our container homes and continue to add to our lineup of models, but we wanted to think out of the box a little bit. Shipping containers provide a great structure for a crypto mining setup, and are sometimes preferred to other options because they are complete standalone units. You can expand your production based on the number of containers you have the space for and know their precise output. The mobility of a shipping container also lends itself to maneuverability so you can move your operation to areas where electricity costs less, increasing your overall ROI.

Safe and Secure

Shipping containers are, by nature, quite secure. These units are built to cross the ocean with potentially valuable material inside. You can do the same with your crypto mining container.

Agile Development

We break your build into phases to optimize the process, leading to quicker turnaround times and quality assurance for each unit we produce.


Our crypto mining containers are built with efficiency as the forefront idea in mind. With customizable options like liquid immersion, you can overclock your miners to near max output.

Made in the USA

While our containers come from all over the world, our headquarters is in the heart of the Southern United States just outside of Austin, Texas.

  • Option 1
  • Container Mining Shell
  • No Electrical Work
  • Custom Ventilation
  • Up to 340 ASIC Devices
  • 1.4 MW Total Capacity
  • Easily Moved
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  • Option 2
  • Mining Shell + Electrical
  • Wired for Electricity
  • Custom Ventilation
  • Up to 340 ASIC Devices
  • 1.4 MW Total Capacity
  • Just Add ASIC Devices
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  • Design Your Own
  • Mobile Crypto Container
  • Build Your Own Mining Container
  • 20 ft, 40 ft, and Multi-units Available
  • Bring Your Ideas to Life
  • Customize Your Total Capacity
  • Team with Experts
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Why Containerize Crypto with Bob's Containers?

Quick to Build and Deliver

Each of our custom shipping containers are developed in our agile build process to eliminate overlap and get your unit to you as quickly as possible.

Easily Moved

Our containerized solutions can be permanent or mobile depending on your need. Learn more about container mobility by scheduling a meeting with a container tech below.

Maximize Output

Our crypto mining containers are purpose built units designed to maximize your potential ROI while keeping your operation safe and secure.

Energy Efficient

With custom ventilation and add-ons like liquid immersion, our custom crypto mining containers will have your operation at full capacity.

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