Land Investment Container Opportunities

Land investment is an excellent way to establish lifelong passive income and container homes are an excellent opportunity for you to quickly and easily build out a short term rental community to put that dirt to work. We are experts in turning idle land into profit machines, so schedule a meeting or give us a call to learn more about the process.

Turn Your Idle Land Into Profit

Whether you are a land owner with 1,200 acres in Wyoming or have a small, unused plot of land in your Austin backyard, you may have wondered what you can do with that land. Containers can be great options to rent out whether in the city or a rural area. More land offers much more potential with grouped containers and the freedom to place the units as you please. You can research rent and nightly rates for similar square footage rooms and small apartments to gather an idea of what your container may be able to collect. Using this information you can then multiply the rates out according to the number of units you may be able to use on the land. We then take these data points and utilize expected occupancy rates to develop an ROI model customized for you.

Container Investment Opportunities

We will pull your dirt to work