Shipping Container Solar Panels

We are proud to partner with one of the leading providers of factory installed solar options for shipping containers. Learn more about the product and inquire below.

Who is Stealth Power?

Stealth Power provides fleet electrification and off grid solar solutions for customers of all kinds. They have explored and implemented solar options for a wide variety of applications and we have found their solar options for shipping containers to be the best in the business. Many customers explore off grid solutions due to the simplicity and maneuverability of our containers. As long as a truck can get to the plot of land, we can drop your container. Now you have the option to go fully off grid with a few other add-ons, directly from Bob’s Containers.

Freedom to Live Where You Want

Off-grid capabilities let you live anywhere, unencumbered by power connections and unaffected by outages.

Sustainable Returns on Investment

Increase the ROI of your purchase with sustainable, clean energy.

Safety & Security

Stealth Power's solar system factors in redundancy to keep you powered in case of outages if you are hooked up to the grid.

Seamless Factory Installation

We partner with Stealth Power to acquire and install the solar arrays on top of the container during the build. Stealth Power's stick-on panels make installation quick and easy.

Penetration-free Application

The roofs of our containers are the first line of defense for the weather. Stealth Power's implementation does not penetrate the roof, keeping the integrity of the roof intact.

Optimized for Maximum Performance

Stealth Power's solar implementation is optimized to perform in a variety of light settings and can withstand high winds to keep your unit(s) powered no matter the weather.

Superior Aesthetics

We think our containers look pretty awesome, so we had to partner with a solar provider who could provide a similar look.

Container Home Solar FAQs

Options to Fit All Needs

Stealth power offers solutions whether you are looking to supplement your power usage with solar or looking to go fully off-grid.

Save on Electricity with Stealth Power

Stealth Power's solar options allow you to drastically reduce your monthly cost for electricity.

Quality Control

Stealth Power's light, durable, and scalable options are installed by some of the top industry professionals.

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