Personal Financing Options

Take a look at our personal lines of credit here.

Personal Financing

Are you confused by all the personal financing options for your new home, office, or custom container? Bob’s Containers has done the vetting for you and we have a wealth of personal financing solutions to fit every need. One of our most popular financing solutions is a zero percent interest loan for your build. Below you will find a few details and qualification factors for zero-percent and low-interest financing options which have the potential to total $80,000 for a single borrower. If you have multiple borrowers, you can increase your buying power.

General Qualifications & Info

  • 0% interest loans up to $80k for a single borrower
  • Instant Approvals/Pre-Approvals
  • Multiple People (Spouse, family member, roommate) can apply for funding
  • Soft Credit Pull – No Impact on Credit

If you are interested in personal financing options for your container project but are not sure where to start, schedule your meeting to discuss options with our team of container financing experts today.

Do You Need Help?

Are you confused by all the options and need help making a decision? We are here to help! Schedule a meeting with our team of container techs today to discuss your project and the best way forward for your particular needs. Every project is different, so reach out today.