Commercial Financing Options

Check out our commercial financing options for your container project.

Commercial Financing

The steady increase in popularity of ADUs and other types of alternative housing has led companies to look toward recycling shipping containers as an alternative option for a wide variety of needs. Whether on the hunt for mobile field offices, housing employees, or mobile storage solutions, Bob’s Containers is here to help you navigate your commercial options. We have quite a few options available and continue to explore new options for financing custom container projects.

Here are some of the recent commercial projects we have completed:

  • Shipping Container Coffee Shop
  • Shipping Container Kitchen
  • Shipping Container Storage
  • Shipping Container Restrooms
  • Shipping Container Showers
  • Marketing Activation Containers

To start the process, schedule your meeting with our team of container techs today. We continue to stay on the forefront of commercial lending options for container projects, so give us a call and we can find a solution together.