Mini Splits & Keeping Cool In Your Container Home

Nowadays, we’re seeing a trend in homeowners and renters making the switch from overly standard or traditional homes and apartments for shipping container homes and cabins. If you are not grabbed by the minimalist and relaxing lifestyle, the energy efficiency may seal the deal. Shipping container homes consume much less energy, resulting in lower bills and a smaller carbon footprint. Usually, only one cooling unit is needed to keep a container home cooled and heated for comfort. For this, we like to use ductless mini-splits, which consist of an outdoor compressor or condenser connected to an indoor air-handling unit. Experts and customers alike have found this to be the best option for container homes and offices for a few reasons.

Mini-splits for container homes

High Cooling Efficiency
One of the main draws of ductless mini splits is their efficiency. As their name implies, ductless mini splits do not require the extensive duct work of central HVAC systems. Central duct systems consume around 30% more energy than their ductless counterparts.
Quiet Cooling Performance

In a container home, silence is very important. Sounds amplify in close quarters, and annoying noises don’t translate to “relaxing”. Fortunately, ductless mini splits are an incredibly quiet cooling and heating option. Mini-splits put out about 19 decibels, which is comparable to the sound of leaves rustling. To put it in context, window units operate at around 45 decibels.

Powerful Package in a Small Wrapper

In a container home, what wall space is there is sacred. Many consumers like to optimize their space, and there is no better option for a smaller cooling unit than mini-splits.

Cost-Efficient Container Cooling

Price, price, price. Mini-splits remain a popular option because of their sheer affordability. They may have a higher price tag upfront, but make up for it with low installation and maintenance costs. Since mini splits operate so efficiently, they also lead to lower energy bills, so you can enjoy your container home lifestyle without the worry of excessive energy bills.

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