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Bob's Containers is proud to offer custom shipping container solutions for a few markets around the United States. Each market has its own unique set of needs and we are happy to cater to whatever those may be. We are always looking for new ventures, so give us a call if you do not see your city below.

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Texas Shipping Containers

Texas, the lone star state, the only state to have been its own republic, is a powerhouse of commerce. We proudly serve the following markets in Texas:


Houston is a commerce hub for global goods. This leads to a heavy influx in shipping containers and many options to develop. We offer Houston shipping containers for sale, custom shipping container solutions, as well as on-site add ons for your current setup.


Austin sits in the hill country and is a bumbling metropolis filled with hipsters, cold brew, and craft beer. It is no surprise the unique aspects of the shipping container industry have taken hold in this community. In fact, it is where we got our start. Without the support of Austinites, we would not be where we are today. Head over to our Austin shipping containers page for availability and options.

El Paso

El Paso is far out west and is considerably different than its Texas counterparts. The mountainous, arid climate provides its own factors in delivery, desire, and development. Air Conditioner storage units are much more popular than up somewhere like Denver. Visit our El Paso shipping containers page for our availability and options.


A few hours North of Houston sits the DFW area. We are proud to offer sales, custom solutions, and rentals to residents in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Delivery prices depend on your distance from our location. Head over to our Dallas shipping containers page for more details regarding pricing.

Shipping Containers in Colorado

Bob's Containers also offers services outside of Texas in Colorado. Our hub in Denver allows us to service a large area in the foothills of the Rockies. We would love to be your rocky mountain shipping container provider. Head on over to our Denver shipping container page for more details on pricing, delivery, and customization of your shipping container project.

Shipping Containers in Ohio

Ohio is another state we service outside of Texas. Columbus, Ohio is a little known port in the center of the state. This allows great opportunity for containers to flow in and out and gives us a wealth of options when looking for something to fit your needs. Take a look at our Columbus shipping containers page for further details on pricing, customization, and delivery.


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