ADU Housing in Austin


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ADU Housing in Austin

ADU housing is an excellent option for in-law suites, a carriage/guest house, a short-term rental, and so much more at a far lower cost than traditional builds. Since these are new constructions as well, they have all the cutting edge technology and build process implemented. These factors paired with the structural integrity can ensure your unit(s) require little upkeep.

To this point we have had trouble with the cost to place a container within Austin City Limits. While it is possible, the whole purpose of purchasing a container home is to keep costs lower. With the process costing tens of thousands of dollars, it was not a feasible or recommended option for our customers until now! We have been hard at work figuring out how to make the process easier on you while keeping costs low and we have finally figured it out. If you are in the Austin market and you’ve been hesitant to purchase a shipping container home, read on to learn more about the problem and solution. Once you like what you see, give us a call to start the process!

shipping container duplex couple

The Problem

Larger markets, by nature, are harder to enter than a county with a wealth of rural land. Anyone who has tried to build a house (or literally do anything with real estate) in a major market like Austin has run into trouble. The solutions can be time consuming, leading to months or even years of wading through permitting, zoning, and restrictions until you are finally able to break ground. Once the build is complete auditors come out to inspect the structure to make sure it is up to building codes. These solutions can be moving targets as legislation and restrictions change over time. We have found a solution to eliminate a large portion of this headache to let you enjoy the benefits of owning a container home. The benefits include time to build, time to deliver, and far less headache than a traditional build.

The Solution

We have seen this as a pain point since we started the business and have been researching and developing solutions for years. This solution costs far less and allows the process to move much more quickly. Our process removes the need for in-depth investigation and permitting on your property, within Austin City Limits.