Triple Wide Container Home - Ready to Ship

3 Bedroom Container Home Ready to Ship
On Sale! $198,275

This ready to ship Homestead model is a 3 bedroom container home built using 3 new 40 ft containers. Cut out the lead and build times and get this unit shipped quickly! Using 3 units in this build we were able to design the spaces to work together while increasing your livable space.

Total Cost
Number of Units

Triple Wide Container Home Floorplan

3 Bedroom Shipping Container Home Features & Specs

Built for Rentals & Comfortable Living

Increase your rentable space with a 3 bedroom container home. Cash flow positive immediately!

Quick to Build

Container homes can be built in a fraction of the time as a traditional stick and frame home.

Customization Options

Each of our models features a wealth of customization options to fit whatever specific needs you may have.