"The Kerrville" Model

20 ft Container Home
Starting at $54,687

The Kerrville model features our modern farmhouse skin upgrade standard and is similar to a studio apartment with a few extra features such as an upgraded window cover for security and “awning” over the doors on the end.

Customize this Container

  • Shower Upgrade

    Upgrade your shower

    • 0 $

    Party Deck

    Add rooftop views to your container home

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    Exterior Cabin Cladding

    Upgrade the exterior of your container home to cabin cladding

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    Permitting Services

    *Pricing Valid for all states except CA, WA, OR* - Pricing can vary based on property

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Number of Units

"The Kerrville" Floorplan

Container Home Features & Specs

Built for Rentals & Comfortable Living

Container homes are perfect candidates for permanent homes, ADUs, in-law suites, vacations rentals, vacation homes, and more.

Quick to Build

Lead times average 3-6 weeks and build times for 20 ft containers are only 2-3 weeks.

Delivered by Tilt Truck

Each of our models can be delivered by tilt trailers pulled by a truck. As long as we can back a trailer into the space, we can drop the unit.