DIY 40' Model A Container Office Kit
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DIY 40' Model A Container Office Kit

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The Build

Interested in building your own container office? We're here to help. Our 40' DIY Kit includes a 40' container complete with detailed instructions, the necessary materials, and the blueprint to build out your very own tiny office, modeled after our 40' Model A Container Office.

Estimated build time: 8 weeks. Insulated with fiberglass. If you have questions regarding parts or the process contact us!

To give you more cost flexibility, we offer two levels of service for DIY Kits. Don't worry, you can always reach out to us for consultation.

  • "I've Got This!" - Our team delivers your box will all of the needed material inside. We leave the build in our capable hands. This is a great option for experienced builders who want creative control over the build process.

  • "Hold My Hand" - Our team will cut holes for windows and doors, add spray foam insulation, install the wood framing, and run electric. This is great for a first time builder who needs the basics done by our team of professionals, but is comfortable with finishing off the build.

The Specs:*