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Modern Container Home

40 ft Container - "The El Dorado" Model

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Build Specifications:

The Build:

The El Dorado model features *all* tile floors and a tile shower in a 40 ft shipping container. This model is built with custom windows to let more light in and make the container feel spacious.

As you can see in the pictures below, this space pushes our basic builds to a new level. Give us a call today if you have any questions. Specifications for the build can be found below.

The Build:


  • Bathroom: 8 ft (L) x 4 ft (W)

  • Kitchen: 6 ft (L) x 7 ft (W)

  • Living Area: 14 ft (L) x 7 ft (W)

  • Bedroom: 12 ft (L) x 8 ft (W)


  • Wood Interior Framing Installed on a 40 ft x 8 ft x 8.5 ft Container


  • R13 – 2 in closed-cell spray Foam Insulation on walls

  • R 21 – 3 in closed-cell spray foam on the ceiling

  • R6" – 1 in spray foam under container floor


  • Qty 2 - 225amp 12 Slot Panel Breaker Box (interior mount with exterior cutoff)

  • Qty 6 - 110v Duplex Outlets (Living Area)

  • Qty 4 - 110v Duplex Outlets (Bedroom Area)

  • Qty 2 - 110v Quadplex Outlet (Kitchen Counter)

  • Qty 1 - 110v Duplex Outlet dedicated on a 20amp breaker for a refrigerator

  • Qty 1 - 220v Duplex Outlet dedicated on a 20amp breaker for electric stovetop 

  • Qty 1 - 110v GFCI Duplex (Restroom) 

  • Qty 2 - 110v Exterior Outlet

  • Qty 2 - Exterior Light


  • Lifeproof Vinyl Flooring Options: Seasoned wood, Ashland, and Heirloom Pine


  • Qty 1 – 6 ft x 6 ft 8 in French door with Built-In Blinds

  • Qty 3 - 3 ft  x 6 ft Windows (1 in Bedroom, 1 in Living Area, 1 in Kitchenette)

  • Qty 1 - 2 ft x 2 ft Window (Bathroom)

  • Qty 2 - 4 ft x 1 ft  clerestory windows in the living room area


  • Custom 3 ft x 3 ft Shower Stall with Subway Tile

  • 1.5 ft Vanity Cabinet with Sink

  • American Standard Toliet

  • 2 ft Pocket Door Entrance

  • 55 CFM Vent Fan with Light

 Living Area with Kitchenette:

  • Qty 1 – 5 ft Base Cabinets with Butcherblock Countertop

  • Qty 1 - Single Bay Sink with Faucet

  • Qty 1 - Two Burner Electric Stovetop

  • Qty 3 - Low Profile LED Lights


  • Qty 1 – 5 ft x 2 ft Closet with Overhead Shelving

  • Qty 1 – 4 ft 4 in Ceiling fan with LED light



  • HVAC- One-ton Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioner and Heat (12,000 BTU)

  • Water in: ½ in RV hose spigot for water is installed on the rear. 1/2 PEX plumbing

  • Greywater- 1.5 in PVC "stub-out" to be connected to the city sewer or RV hookup

  • Blackwater- 3 in PVC "stub-out" to be connected to the city sewer or RV hookup.

  • Water heater - 13 kW Self-Modulating 2.54 GPM installed in the restroom. All PEX plumbing is insulated.


Custom Exterior Paint:

  • Choose your color at

  • Oxidation removal and primer  (applicable for used Container Only)


Upgrades Available:

  • Rooftop Decking (10, 20, 30 or 40 ft w/ Deck)

  • Off-grid (Water, Solar, or Both)

  • Cabin Cladding Finish Options: (Natural, Cedar or Dark)

  • Shiplap (White, Rustic or Grey)

  • Hardwood Flooring

  • Premium Interior and Exterior Light Fixtures

  • Premium Doors and Windows

  • Tile Shower

  • Kitchen Counter Tile Backsplash

  • Barn Doors

  • Lofts

  • Custom Upgrades Available Upon Request

The unit and selections above default to a new container. If you are looking to save money, a used container may be a better option. Give us a call at the number above for more information.
Note: You will select your finishes (bathroom, tile, etc.) upon checkout.
The unit shown in the photos may include custom features from customer requests. Please check the description for the included default options included.

7 Steps to Delivery

Step 1: Browse and find the model you like or call one of our shipping container experts if you are looking to customize your own design or one of ours.

Step 2: We will take your build, whether custom or one of our models, and create a quote related to the services we expect to provide.

Step 3: Once you have received your quote we will then fine tune the order and design to your exact specifications to finalize expectations.

Step 4: You will then receive your invoice. We have options to pay in full or installments, but each of our builds requires 50% down to kick off the project.

Step 5: We will then take your design and build it to your specifications. We provide updates as your build progresses, but you can always reach out to the team here at Bob's for an update.

Step 6: While we are working on building your dream shipping container, we will instruct you on the best ways to prepare the land to make handoff as simple as possible.

Step 7: You outfit your unit however you would like! You are now the owner of a customized shipping container!