Our Partners

Bob’s Containers was founded with the intention of creating a community of like-minded shipping container builders who can execute their builds at a quality level. Below you will find our preferred partnerships with a few other providers in the space. These companies exemplify the mentality Bob’s Containers is trying to build around this industry and we are certain you will have a good experience with the companies below if you should choose them for shipping container customization services.

Cutting Edge Technology


Boxvana has pushed into the R&D space to develop modular buildings faster, lighter, safer, cheaper, and more efficient. This technology is called LitePan and Boxvana is the exclusive provider in North America. The material used is a high-performance composite designed to last. When comparing LitePan to older building materials such as wood and steel, LitePan surpasses these materials in every regard. On top of this efficiency in building materials, you can reuse and recycle your material. This gives you unparalleled options if you are environmentally conscious. Boxvana currently has about 10 units ready to ship today. View their ready to ship models here.