Zero Percent Financing

If you are looking to finance less than $80,000 our zero percent container financing options may be just right for you. Learn more here.

Zero Percent Financing

Are you searching for zero percent container financing solutions for your new home, office, or commercial custom container? Bob’s Containers has solutions to fit every need and one of our most popular financing solutions is a zero percent interest loan for your build. Below you will find a few details and qualification factors for two different zero-percent financing options which have the potential to total $80,000. If you are interested in financing your custom container build but not sure where to start with financing, schedule your meeting to discuss options today. If you are interested in zero percent financing specifically, be sure to mention this option to your container tech after scheduling a meeting below, but we do have other longer-term solutions at low-interest rates.

Momnt Financing

General Qualification and Info:

  • 0% Interest Loans up to $55,000 for 24 months (Pair with Wisetack below for $80k)
  • Instant Approvals/Pre-Approvals
  • Multiple People (Spouse, Family Member, Roommate) can Apply for Funding
  • Soft Credit Pull – No Impact on Credit

Momnt is a loan program offered through Momnt Technologies, Inc. Loans are made by participating lenders to borrowers for the purchase of goods and services from participating businesses. All loan terms are subject to credit approval. Loan amounts vary by state.
Principal-only 24-month amortizing loan. Up to 5 fixed payments during the purchase window at 1% of spend. Remaining balance is amortized at 0% for the remaining term.
You will still receive statements via email.
As always, you will only be responsible for paying back what you spent during your purchase window in addition to any fees you might incur.
Key Points:
– Promotion: 0% APR for the life of the loan
– Purchase window open for the first 5 months after approval
– Payments 1% of total spend to date are assessed during the purchase window
– After the purchase window closes, the loan converts to an amortizing installment loan.

Wisetack Financing

General Qualification and Info:

  • 0% Interest Loans up to $25,000 for 24 months (Pair with Momnt above for $80k)
  • Instant Approvals/Pre-Approvals
  • Soft Credit Pull – No Impact on Credit

Wisetack, much like ourselves, is a company that holds simplicity, transparency, and ease for its customers in the highest regard. A true “no-brainer” financing solution, Wisetack is “into things that just make sense”. With decades in the financial service industry, they set out to make the kind of product they would want to use themselves, with the purpose of building “financial products that do right by people.” We are certain you are in good hands with the team at Wisetack. Feel free to apply by following the link below or schedule a meeting with our team of container techs today.


zero percent container financing



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