Alternative Personal Financing

Hometap is an alternative to traditional lending products which utilizes a debt-free model to finance a container home as an ADU. As an owner, you receive cash in exchange for a percentage of your home’s value. You have the option to sell the home or buy-out Hometap’s share after the 10 year term. If you elect to use this service, the funding can be used unconditionally

General Qualifying Terms

  • $600,000 maximum (max of 30% of your home’s value)
  • 500 Minimum Credit Score
  • 10 Year Borrowing Term
  • Covers the full project (prep, onsite and build)
  • Limited to certain states

These are simply top level qualification factors, if you are interested in alternative financing options be sure to fill out the form below or schedule a meeting with a container tech to discuss the options available to you.