CentraFunding Commercial Financing

CentraFunding Commercial Financing

Commercial Financing for Shipping Containers

The steady increase in popularity of ADUs and other types of alternative housing have led companies to look into options for their needs. Whether on the hunt for mobile field offices, housing employees, or mobile storage solutions, Bob’s Containers is here to help. CentraFunding is a company who promises “equipment financing in minutes” and is a fast and simple solution to help businesses acquire the equipment they need. This equipment includes shipping containers to be used for various purposes as noted above.

General Qualifying Terms

  • $200,000 max loan
  • Once approved, you can shop as a cash buyer
  • Credit approval in less than six hours
  • Registers the containers as equipment
  • Must be a registered business entity



These are simply top level qualification factors, if you are interested in commercial financing options be sure to fill out the form below or schedule a meeting with a container tech to discuss the options available to you.

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