Which States Will Allow Me To Build My Shipping Container Home?

More homebuilders are discovering that shipping containers are an efficient and affordable solution to building their home. They provide a safe and sustainable framework which is highly customizable and can let a designer really have some fun with the process. Shipping container homes are considered a part of the Tiny House Movement, a cultural movement founded with the idea of simplifying your living situation, leaving a smaller footprint, and saving a bit of money in the process.

However, the question of which states will allow shipping container homes is one that is often asked. Since the movement is still relatively new, the laws and regulations are being amended weekly, with more areas opening their minds to the idea of custom shipping container dwellings.

shipping container home

The good news is that most US States are accepting of homes made out of shipping containers, with some being stricter than others. In any case, as long as local codes and regulations are followed and adhered to throughout the project. The rules can change from county to county, and more counties accept these builds as time goes by. Some may not have experienced a container home proposal, so who knows, you may be the first!
Some states have a more relaxed attitude towards container homes and offices:


Many people decide to build in Texas due to the less-restrictive regulation environment and building regulations. However, these regulations may be stricter in areas with larger populations. Suburban and rural areas of Texas are very open and accepting towards shipping container homes.


While California is much stricter with their zoning and regulations, as a progressive state they are accepting of alternative and innovative housing solutions.


Louisiana prefers to be hands off with how people build their homes and are very relaxed with home building regulations, as long as they are legal and safe.


Tennessee is also ideal for those looking to live further from urban and populated areas. A good percentage of land in Tennessee has access to water, and the west region of Tennessee has great land purchasing options.


Alaska, albeit remote, is a great option for container home builders. The land is inexpensive and vast, and Alaska has little to no zoning restrictions.


The local zoning codes consider shipping container homes as affordable living solutions. Building a shipping container home without securing a building permit is possible and a good news for builders.

These are just to name a few of the more popular states where custom container homes are built. As mentioned earlier, most if not all states will allow these homes, and the team at Bob’s Containers ALWAYS suggests contacting your county and getting clarification. Once you’ve done your research, connect with us to help walk you through building your first (or maybe your 20th) custom shipping container home.

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