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What is a Custom Shipping Container?

Shipping containers are shipped across the world every day and many end up being only used one time to sit in a yard for the rest of their life. Like many others before, we saw great potential in reusing these containers to develop a structure that fits your needs with precision. So we started with smaller projects of our own and have grown to a point where we have a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to properly customize a shipping container. For those of you that are unfamiliar with the process, we wanted to put together this breakdown of the life cycle of a container before, during, and after its visit to one of bob's containers yards across the United States.

custom shipping container

Sourcing Shipping Containers

We look for the best quality and cost-effectiveness we can find in sourcing our shipping containers for you. Some containers that have been coated with a special coating, or are reinforced are typically not as usable as your standard 20 and 40 foot shipping containers. These can come in high cube or standard height and could even have refrigeration capabilities. Our partners understand the quality we are looking for and we communicate as different shipments come across. Once we have acquired the shipping container, the fun begins.

Customizing & Designing a Shipping Container

Now comes the discovery phase where we learn more about your desires for the structure. Our team of shipping container experts can work with you to bring your vision to life and keep the structure sound and safe. Whether you are looking for a shipping container home to live in regularly, a vacation home you can drop in and count on to have your necessities, a shipping container office or workspace, or a 16 container mansion (the likes of which we've never seen, yet), we have solutions for you. As we work through the process you will understand what is taking place and have expectations set from the start. Some typical customizations to our shipping containers include but are not limited to the following:

  • HVAC Systems
  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchens
  • Wall Finishes (Shiplap, Drywall, Paneling)
  • Room Splits

All of these customizations to a shipping container provide some type of value for the inhabitant and we are happy to talk through desires and turn them into functional pieces of your shipping container.

Building the Custom Shipping Container

We then take your approved designs and build out the actual container. Build times vary according to the customizations, so please chat with one of our shipping container professionals for more information regarding build and ship time. Our team of builders at our various yards around the nation are highly skilled in customizing shipping containers and general construction alike. These skills allow us to remain confident that our shipping containers can still withstand storms and remain functional while keeping your family or belongings safe. Once we have the build completed, it is time for delivery!

Custom Shipping Container Delivery

We offer delivery in all of the metro areas we serve, but do have some requirements and prep before we can deliver your custom shipping container:

  • The delivery area is clean and clear. We will not drive over boulders, tree stumps, nails, glass, or puppies.
  • There is enough room. Our tilt trailer is 45 feet long, and there needs to be 100 feet of straight-line clearance space. We do not have crane trucks. If you can back in a 40' trailer then we can deliver.
  • The delivery area ground needs to dry. We do not deliver in mud, sand, or water. Our equipment and loaded container will be heavy and might get stuck.
  • How do you want it loaded? When you book, please confirm whether you want your container doors to face the cab or the rear of the truck. This will determine the position of the doors when a container is dropped off.

We try to make the process as smooth as possible for you and us, and after delivering hundreds of containers, we think we have it pretty nailed.

We look forward to discussing your shipping container vision and bringing a custom shipping container to life. Get a quote today!

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