Weather & Your Shipping Container Home

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Shipping containers are an obvious choice for portability and versatility, but what’s often overlooked is the durability of a shipping container home or office. The security of the structure is just another factor for the rising popularity of container housing. Container housing can effectively shield against extreme winds, precipitation, and even burglary.

Your housing is your protection from the elements. You need your home to combat shifting temperatures and climates, but it must also stand up to storms and heavy winds. The structural integrity of your shipping container makes plotting on flat surfaces easy and straightforward. For areas with higher wind activity, there are many options for fastening your shipping container.

The Structure

At its core, a modified shipping container is a steel box, designed to hold up against long and frequent transports, and keep the contents safe. Shipping container boxes are made from durable steel, which is impermeable to water and wind. Even large (up to 40 feet) or stacked storage containers are resistant to wind and other elements.

Since shipping container housing is made of high-quality steel, they are quite durable. Over many years, shipping containers continue to maintain their structural integrity. They can also be modified to protect contents from pests, intruders, and outside humidity.

Comfort in Shipping Container Housing

If the container will be placed in an area where extreme climates are expected, then high-quality insulation and a cooling system can be installed to maintain a comfortable temperature and keep humidity consistent.

Plumbing and water heating can also be added as part of the container. These amenities are critical for any shipping container living. The security of a shipping container housing doesn’t become compromised by features that make it more habitable. Modified shipping container homes and offices are still just as resistant to the elements when features such as windows or doors are added.

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