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In addition to their ability to transport goods by sea, road, or rail, shipping containers are also excellent as storage facilities. They are sturdy, easy to move around, and affordable, enabling them to be a versatile storage solution.
Below, we have provided some of the most popular, common ideas on items that can be stored in a shipping container.

With a little modification, an ordinary storage container can turn into a massive refrigerator and can store a variety of fresh produce such as vegetables, fruit, meat, dairy, and more! The refrigerated (walk-in cool) containers at Bob’s Containers can go down to and maintain at 28 degrees fahrenheit. As a tip, we recommend storing only the items that require the same or similar temperature range. Dried or canned food items can also be stored on shelves inside a shipping container. You will often see restaurants or companies in food industry use containers as a solution to storing their food.

Motor Vehicles
Another great solution is storing vehicles such as cars, boats, tractors, or jet skis. A storage container can essentially be another garage and protect your vehicles from various weather conditions and rusting. You can also lock your container and prevent theft. Just to give you an idea, a 20 foot container is roughly the size of a parking spot and can store one car.

If you have excess furniture that need to be stored, look no further! A shipping container can accommodate most furniture sizes as well as other household items. If you are concerned about condensation, spray foaming the interior of a container can help minimize rusting and prevent moisture movement. An additional solution would be installing an HVAC.

By installing racks and shelves inside, a shipping container can function as a tool shed. Additionally, you can store other equipment like lawn mowers and even make a workstation for carpentry or other work. Again, your container shed can be secured with a lock and can be temperature controlled.

Bob’s Containers can provide any or all of the modifications mentioned above. If you have other storage ideas or needs, please consult with us and we can make it work! Possibilities are endless!

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