Shipping Containers in Austin: Unique Uses

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Austin is Unique

Austin, TX, where Bob's Containers is headquartered, is quite the place. The eclectic population, quirky events and venues, and some of the best food in the world solidifies Austin as a great place to be. When you are perusing the streets and shops in Austin you may notice some of these things. One thing we have noticed is the creative uses of shipping containers in Austin. Whether it be the majestically rustic container bar on Rainey Street, a creative and custom container home, or a workplace for a business, Austin knows how to use shipping containers to their fullest potential and we want to be your partner when embarking on that endeavor.

Shipping Containers in Austin

Shipping Container Bars

One great way to repurpose old shipping containers would be to convert a container into a bar. We offer out of the box container bars as well as custom options for whatever your heart may desire. Our team of experts knows how to utilize the structure of these shipping containers to make something safe, beautiful, and functional. We take a consultative approach to learn your wishes for your container bar and help you bring that vision to life. Do you think you have the next great shipping container bar in Austin idea?

Custom Shipping Container Homes

Shipping container homes are becoming more and more popular as technology and availability continue to rise. Much like our shipping container bars, we offer out of the box options as well as custom, build your own 20 and 40 ft container homes. You can browse our shipping container home options here. Buying a house can be expensive. Once you pile on the responsibility of upkeep on an older house, you could find yourself in a terrible place financially. Shipping container homes provide a cost-effective and efficient style of living for those who wish to embrace this new style of home. We take the time to learn what you want out of your shipping container home so that when we deliver, you are sure to be pleased.

Office Shipping Containers

Shipping container offices are a cost-effective way to put a roof over your business. We have pre-built container offices as well as custom builds we would work with you to design. Maybe you need a hybrid storage area and office, or you are looking for some advanced features in you container office. We have the solutions for you to help bring your vision to life. Shipping container offices are a great way to cut down on your overhead and put something pretty cool together. Imagine your customers coming to visit and conducting a meeting in a feature-filled container office. We can help.

As you can see, there are many ways to build out shipping containers and the possibilities continue to arise. Bob's Containers stays on top of the latest trends and container technology to make sure we are providing you with a product that is safe, will last, and looks good along the way.

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