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Why Buy from Bob’s Containers?

The industry of selling used or new containers has a very low barrier of entry. So how are we different? How do you find the right vendor like Bob’s Containers? Well, start with searching for a vendor that guarantees quality. Find a vendor that actually puts hands on the containers they sell. That is Bob’s Containers, and here are some details about our container quality.

Functioning Doors That Close Properly
All of our used cargo-worthy grade containers that we sell will have doors that seal tightly. We also check and grease every container door. One of the most common problems in containers is doors not functioning or shutting properly. In general, container doors do not work well if they are on uneven surfaces and are not lined up. As an easy fix, place a wood block under the door frame of your container. Opening and closing doors is often a tricky thing to learn, especially if you have never opened them, but no worries — our friendly drivers will help and show you how to maneuver them.

No Holes — Wind Water Tight
While cargo-worthy containers have dings and dents, we promise that our units will not have any holes or leaks. If there is a such problem, we will either fix the holes, replace with a different container, or refund you. Often, containers get stacked on ships and in our yards, so these dings and dents are pretty common. If water pools, dents can get rusty and turn into holes. We can usually patch up small holes and most larger holes as well. We recommend that you inspect your container frequently and paint with rust free paints. We can also handle the paint job for you if you would like!

Floors in Good Condition
We also promise that our cargo-worthy containers have sound floors. While some of the lesser grade containers have warped or damaged floors, our units should have flat floors with normal wear and tear. In addition, they should also be leak free and have no holes. As a reminder, we suggest that your container stays out of standing water which could lead to rust on the floor.

We want ensure satisfaction of our customers, so we will work to solve any issues regarding conditions of our containers!

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