Living Minimally - Living in a Shipping Container Home

A huge mansion with 2 pools and 3 Jacuzzis is not the only type of luxurious home you can have. Sometimes a simple, neat, clean house with a gorgeous view may be the place to feel free and live free.

shipping containers for sale - bobs containersA shipping container home is a small living space. Depending on how you combine containers, you can make it a pretty large home. Adding floor-to-ceiling windows makes the open space feel even larger. On top of that, you can add a retractable garage door on one end of the container. This is a great opportunity for a grill or cooking space to be tucked away to maximize space. The safety and security of a steel structure is unmatched in surviving fires, and if you insulate your new home, it can handle extremely cold temperatures.

If you take the time to consider the design elements you would like to accomplish, you can build a wonderful home that is useful and minimal. You do have to be cognizant of structural integrity as you design and implement changes in your shipping containers. It is important to reinforce weak points created by cuts and modifications to the container itself. You will also need help with building permits and understanding the way to file the structure with the local government. We offer help in all of these areas and have the knowledge to back it up.

Not only can you design something with an environmentally conscious mind, the action of acquiring a shipping container by whatever means is environmentally friendly in and of itself. Many containers ship products overseas one time and sit, decaying in a storage near a port somewhere. Recycling these heavily useful pieces of equipment into something so supremely useful is good for the soul and mother earth.

If you are looking for an environmentally friendly housing option you can design from top to bottom yourself, it may be time to look into a shipping container home.


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