Happy New Year from Bob's Containers!

As we all put a wrap on the craziness that was the year 2020, we want to wish you all a very Happy New Year from the bottom of our hearts here at Bob's Containers. We will remain committed to serving your every need related to shipping container customizations and delivery. We want to highlight a few changes we are making here to make sure everything makes sense, but, as always, feel free to reach out with any questions you may have.

happy new year bobs containers

New Custom Container Home Models

We have worked up 10 options for those looking for premade options for shipping container homes. We take the guesswork out of the process with tried and true functionality for whatever your desires may be. From "entertainment first" options to a repurposed wood cabin made out of a shipping container, these options are great for those looking to get into a container home without much work. After custom container homes come our custom container office options. Much like their inhabited counterpart, these are premade options intended for a multitude of uses. We have options with storage and roll-up garage doors for example and all can be customized to the color you desire.

Social Media Presence

We engage with a large portion of our customers on and within the Facebook platform and will continue to develop our profile with pictures of new projects. We love the work we do and love engaging with all of you as we work through all of your customizations. If you haven't made it over yet, we encourage you to visit our Facebook profile and browse around. We also love to highlight a little more of the creative aspect of our work over on our Instagram profile. We remain committed to being a company you can count on and we feel our social media supports those commitments in ways you can engage with.

DIY Shipping Container Options

As noted in previous posts, we are focused on catering to our customers wanting a full service option, but we also want to provide all the tools and resources for those looking to take a DIY approach to building out shipping container homes. These are excellent options for more cost-effective solutions for your domicile. 20' options start at $7,500 and 40' options start just over $15k. These are a more consultative process where we discover your needs and create a customized solution you can then put together.

As we grow and offer more shipping container customizations, we hope you will follow along with us in this process whether you own a shipping container mansion in Wyoming or are looking to beat the crazy costs of houses in Austin. We look forward to continuing to serve you and all your shipping container needs.

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