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Custom Container Home Options

Our custom container home offering is our flagship product and we want to highlight your options when looking to purchase. First, let us get the items out of the way that come optional on all custom container homes we build. We have a menu of options available, fully custom designs, and options to match any budget. All of our custom shipping container homes come with the following options to add on:

  • Electrical System
  • Interior Finish Choices
  • Flooring Options
  • HVAC System Installation
  • Windows and Doors
  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen(ette)
  • Exterior Finish

Once we break into the different sizes, 40 and 20 foot, the options expand within these models as size increases.

custom container home

20 Foot Standard Height Shipping Container

The 20ft standard height shipping container is our smallest option available. The "Abilene" and the "Beaumont" are two examples of 20 foot models. These options do not have the height of their high cube counterparts below, so space is a bit more limited. This is an excellent option for someone looking for a wimple and effective pad to rest their weary head without incurring too much cost. With more material comes more effort, which brings us to our high cube option in the 20 foot container home hunt.

20 Foot High Cube Container Home

All of the 20ft models come with an option to upgrade to a high cube container. This gives you more overhead space making the entire area feel much larger. High cube options are a little harder to come by, so we may need chat about time frame and allocation of these shipping containers. We want to meet your needs, but the market dictates what we can do at times. As with all options, you can customize the exterior color, lighting, and much more to fit your desires. Our job is to make your shipping container home dreams come to life. A few more models in the 20 foot builds are our "Cleveland" model and the "Marfa". While 20 foot options for container homes are great for those looking for a minimalistic home, the options double when we enter the 40ft space as these containers are twice as long.

40 Foot Standard and High Cube

Very similar to the 20ft options above, our 40 foot models come in both standard and high cube height, depending on your preference. Our "Alpine" and "Birch" models provide a wide variety of options and intentions for your space. We have options built out to allow more light in, built to entertain, and built for a barebones version of comfort for a deer lease or something similar. Not only do your options for exterior add-ons increase with the influx of space, your ability to build out the interior to your liking is much more feasible. We believe the 40ft container home option is among the best on the market until you get to fully custom builds for container homes. You can also increase the ceiling height by upgrading to a high cube container. This increased space brings more space and light into the area to open things up a bit more than the standard height options.

Custom Container Home Builds

We love to get creative with designs and builds, so if you have something crazy in mind, Bob's Containers has the team to make that dream come to life. If you are looking to use multiple shipping containers, you have to consider the structure of the container and the land you are placing it on as well. Shifts can have negative impacts on the structure of your shipping container home which could lead to failure. Some of our favorite projects are those that start with a wild idea and then come to fruition after hours of hard work.

As you can see, there are a wealth of options available for shipping container homes and once you enter the custom build space, the options are quite literally endless. 

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