Are Shipping Container Homes Safe?

One of the most regular questions we receive regards the safety of shipping containers, and then added security in building out a home. At Bob's Containers we are devoted to making the custom container home process as smooth and simple as possible, with an intention focused on security. Learn more about the ways shipping container homes can be just as safe and secure as a traditional home.

shipping container home safety

Weather Security

We know shipping containers can withstand hurricanes, but to what extent can regular weather impact your custom shipping container? Shipping containers are built to haul good across the ocean for days on end, so they must be built to withstand some pretty harsh elements. All of our containers, used or new, are vetted for proper operation. This process insures your shipping container home will stay weathertight for years to come. All of the doors and windows we install are professionally designed and installed to ensure we are not losing any efficacy of the original shipping container. As you get more creative with your build out, weather solutions have to get creative alongside. Our team of shipping container experts is sure to have the solutions you are looking to achieve for your shipping container.

Intruder Detection Systems

Even though we don't build out alarm systems in a standard build, these can be an excellent solution for those looking for another layer of security for their shipping container. Whether you have an office or a home, 20 foot or 40 foot, this can be a cost-effective add-on to give you peace of mind whenever you are home or away. With new home security systems entering the fold, like SimpliSafe, you are able to install a whole home security system on your own with a Wi-Fi connection. All of the doors and windows we install function just as regular doors and windows, so installation is a breeze! To learn more about security systems, give one of our shipping container experts a ring today.

Shipping Container Lighting

Outdoor and indoor lighting provide a layer of security for your shipping container home as well. The open space is able to be brightly lit should any unwanted visitors come inside, but outdoor lighting is a much more realistic application to security and comfort. Traditional homes can have dead spots in corners where you can't see much. This is eliminated on a shipping container home or office because there are no strange bends in the exterior. It is a (rather large) rectangle. We have explored many solutions with our clients to light their area more clearly. Proper lighting can shy away even the most cavalier of wanderers for fear of being caught.  From rope lighting to full on spotlights, shipping container lighting can improve overall look and feel while functioning as a layer of security on top.

Locking Your Shipping Container

Locks have always been a great way to secure your belongings and prevent unwanted exposure. If you leave the original metal doors on, you can acquire and install a padlock for security. Your doors and windows pose the same risk as a traditional home, with some options being built for security and others not. Depending on where you plan to place the shipping container, you can assess the potential risk of someone trying to access what you have kept inside. Rolling garage doors provide better security in some regards than traditional exterior doors. 

There are many more options for security depending on how deep you want to go down the rabbit hole. Give one of our shipping container experts a call today to learn more about securing your shipping container home or office.

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