A Shipping Container’s Lifecycle

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Shipping containers usually come in 20 or 40 foot varieties. If you are employing the imperial system of measurement, 6–12 metres long. Most are 8.5 feet, or 2.6 metres tall. While some have doors on both sides, each will have at least one door on one end and are usually built out with wooden floors. This gives you the least expensive option for managing the commerce and transportation of goods across the world.

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Shipping Container Lifecycle

A container typically lasts anywhere from 10 to 30 years and with proper maintenance, you can extend the lifecycle of your shipping container beyond those limitations.

With so many types of shipping containers available, it can be hard to navigate choices. Bob’s containers features more custom build outs of containers in the form of container homes and offices. We offer options to both rent and buy your container. The most common types of shipping containers we encounter are:

Each of the options above is form fit to your needs. We take a consultative approach to understand your needs for your shipping containers and can handle shipping container projects of any type.

Stacking & Customizing

Shipping containers, by design, are able to stack high in columns under immense amounts of weight. This structural integrity must remain as we look to make modifications to your shipping container for whatever purposes you may see fit. We have the knowledge and resources to create the perfect shipping container option for your needs on time and with a smile.

Shipping containers are also designed to withstand harsh elements since they are exposed for months at a time crossing the ocean. Ocean-going vessels are sprayed with a salt substance typically used on roads in colder areas. They can hold up in the most extreme weather situations.

The lifecycle for a 40 ft container is usually a bit longer than a 20 foot container. Most 40 ft containers are not packed out to capacity, but they do tend to end up on ships more often than their 20 ft counterparts. They may be more susceptible to rust and corrosion. With the proper applications of paint, you can extend the life of your 40ft container greatly.

Feel free to reach out with any container ideas! We have the solution for you.

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