5 Unique Container Home Customizations

Container homes are not aesthetically pleasing out of the box. If you've gotten your hands on even a gently used container you've probably seen more damage and rust. As experts in customizing shipping containers and shipping container design we have some awesome ways to improve the curb appeal of your shipping container home.

Custom Container Home

Custom Doors & Entryways

We offer both french/atrium doors and sliding glass doors that look great and maintain structural integrity. Even though you are acquiring a piece of equipment, implementing some of the creature comfort elements can make the shipping container feel much more like a home. While we do also offer roll up doors and steel doors for a little more security, they don't really apply to the look and feel of the shipping container.

Custom Paint Job

The color itself of your shipping container can be less than appealing. We have standard color swatches to choose from, but you can also choose your own hue when you look to build your own 40' container home. Shipping containers in all types of conditions move through our yard and we know each case is individually unique. We coat our containers with lasting paint that is sure to withstand the elements for years to come.

Insulated Container Homes

In some of our more extreme temperature markets, we had requests for insulation to retain comfortable temperatures in the container home. We now offer expert insulation insulation for your container home project. We have all the R value stats related to both spray foam and fiberglass insulation so you know how much protection you will have. The installation of insulation also improves the energy efficiency of the container home overall.

Heating and Cooling Your Container Home

Bob's Containers was born in Austin, TX. We know how hot it can get for 3 months out of the year in southern/central Texas. We knew we had to offer cooling options for container homes if they were going to gain any type of popularity. We currently have two HVAC options for your shipping container homes. Mini-splits are probably the best option overall, due to their small size and operational efficiency. We also offer window unit installation for your shipping container home.

Custom Finished Interior

The interior of your home is where you spend a large amount of time. As discussed with the french doors, some of those creature comforts have great potential for customization into your container home. Our walls can be finished out with various colors of shiplap, drywall, board paneling, or plywood. You can also choose to finish out the bathroom with a ceramic tile floor. If you'd like, we can also paint the inside a custom color of your choice. Imagine all the color possibilities in the inside and outside of your custom container home!

As you can see, there are a considerable number of ways you can customize a container home, but this is just the start. We are constantly looking for new ways to customize our container homes and improve our offering overall. Give us a call today if you'd like to chat about containers!



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