4 Uses for a Shipping Container in Texas

Most of Texas has three seasons, summer, hot summer, and some semblance of fall. Escaping the heat can be challenging at times. Today we are talking about a few possible uses for a shipping container in Texas, including a cool getaway to get away from the dead heat of summer.

Texas Shipping Container

Texas Shipping Container Home

One of our favorite ways to utilize a shipping container in Texas is converting one (or more) into an inhabitable living area. Having a fully featured home made of shipping containers is an excellent way to recycle used shipping containers. We have a team of customizers who learn your desires and create a plan to make your dream come to life. Our shipping container homes can have custom windows, doors, insulation, HVAC systems and bathrooms all fully equipped. We also offer electrical installation and interior finishes to make your shipping container more appealing.

Shipping Container Office

Many types of businesses could benefit by converting their business into structures utilizing shipping containers. This can often decrease overhead and let you minimize the extra space creating clutter in your work area. Depending on need, you can either acquire a 20' new or used container, or a 40' new or used container for your new office. If necessary, you could combine multiple shipping containers into one main structure as well. The possibilities continue to expand into the buildout of shipping containers and their potential. We stay on the cutting edge of new implementations and technologies to ensure we are offering you the most premier product possible. Our team of experts have developed their skills and knowledge to the point we are certain we can create the container office to fit any need.

Shipping Container "Food Truck"

While we haven't developed any projects in the food category (yet), we have discussed the potential of a shipping container being used to serve food. The potential for use at little league fields and in rural areas is excellent. In urban areas there is even more potential. In a place like Austin, TX people love the quirky, unique aspects of their city and we are proud to call Austin home while doing the same. The customizability of shipping containers means the possibilities are almost endless. You could even throw some wheels on one and make the whole setup mobile.

An Excellent Storage Solution

This one is fairly obvious, but certainly worth noting. Not only are shipping containers able to transport goods while remaining airtight across oceans, they can store items and weather storms on land. Ranches and hunting outfits could greatly benefit from the comfortable knowledge that their important hunting items are stored well and secure. We have 20 and 40 foot shipping containers for sale and rent regularly, so keep an eye on selection.

The great state of Texas is an excellent place to possess a shipping container because it is so diverse itself. Someone up in the panhandle may have a field office setup to escape the cold out on the ranch, while someone in Houston may be driving around a shipping container spinning up hamburgers at various corners on Washington Ave in the dead warmth of winter.