Bob's Affiliate Program

We are excited to offer an affiliate program to those of you who love our products as much as we do. Here you will find the process as well as a few details of this program centered around selling our products. If you find yourself interested, fill out the form at the bottom of the page and our sales team will contact you.

What is an Affiliate Sales Program?

At its core, an affiliate program utilizes a network of followers, or affiliates, to promote a business, product, or content. You may see these types of affiliate marketers on social media in the form of influencers which promote and sell products on Instagram or other social platforms. A website may promote or recommend products within blogs or other areas besides paid advertisements as paid ads fall into a different category altogether. These promotions will typically be tracked and monitored for performance and the entity promoting the product or service will receive some sort of commission. This can come in many forms such as free products and commission payments to name a couple. We are excited to offer our faithful audience the ability to sell and promote our products.

The Affiliate Process

We want to make the affiliate process as easy as possible for you so you are able to put in as much work as you feel necessary. The first step to becoming an affiliate is to reach out using the form below. If selected for the program you will be provided with the following marketing tools to ensure you are receiving credit for the leads and sales you provide Bob’s Containers:

Custom URL to Our Website

  • This URL allows us to track the traffic you send to us.
  • You are able to use this URL wherever you feel necessary. Many folks choose to implement the link on their own website as a promotional connection so their visitors can easily see our products.

Custom Form Built for Your Business

  • Each lead you send to us will fill out a specific form tied to your affiliate campaign.
  • This form simplifies the process for you and your users.

Rates for Affiliates

  • Flat rate commission for 20 ft and 40 ft units
  • Other models are paid out on a case by case basis. This includes commercial & industrial sales, multi unit models, and fully custom builds.
  • The flat rate model allows you to gauge the effort you apply to each potential customer. Let us handle all the work!

Our website is our greatest tool and we are sure it will work for you as well as it works for us. Utilizing the UTM code noted above we are able to view the performance of each visitor you send to our website. Once your customers are ready to purchase, they will reach out to our sales team using a unique form built specifically for you. This process allows us to segment the leads and attribute them to the proper affiliate.

Reach Out

Contact Our Affiliate Team

Use this form to get in touch with our sales team to start the process of becoming an affiliate. We encourage you to include your business name and website if applicable. If chosen for the program, we will build out marketing tools customized to you and your business where you can send the folks you feel are interested in our product offering.